Brightening lives and building community

At Modern Dreamers we value the important things in life. Things that aren’t actually things at all like family, friends, and good health. We believe that slumber parties represent a socially and emotionally valuable experience for our guests by fostering confidence and building community. Our parties get kids out from behind their screens and allow them to connect in real life with real friends in real time. We strive to cultivate a lasting impression for the families and kids we work with through providing an exceptional product as well as an uplifting, inspirational tone with every party. 

in addition, our dream is that the experience of our parties will not only create a positive impact and priceless memories for families and guests but will also support youth empowerment in our community as a whole. Each party we book helps make this dream come true. 

We are proud to support non-profits doing great work for kids and teens in Spokane. With the understanding that not every child in our community is able to enjoy a beautiful, dream slumber party, we take it as our mission to direct 10% of proceeds to the following groups on a rotating basis:

Camp Fire Inland NW 

Crosswalk Youth Shelter 

And, if you book our Dream Zag-over theme, 10% of those proceeds go directly to the Gonzaga Alumni Scholarship fund. 

When is the last time you threw a party for your child that represented more than just one fun-filled day? Together we can do so much good for our kids and our community!